Artist and Workshopper Bios

Erika Longino

Erika Longino aims to preserve communities and ecosystems through education, empowerment, and botanical stewardship. We believe that by working with and learning from the land, plants, and fungi, a healthier, more fulfilled way of life is possible for everyone. The mobile moon co-op is a collective wom🖤n and queerfolk working to create positive change, like seeds bursting the surface of the soil.

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Emily Lowinger

Emily is a writer, producer, composer, and performer based in NYC. She happens to be from the same "small" (60,000 person) town in NJ that Cali Bee is from. Back in 2014, they went on a cross-country musical tour with a show called Slam Up, a queer cabaret about love. Slam Up was performed over 100 times in 35 states. Emily currently works as a copy writer and teaching artist. Recently, she was chosen to complete a "Creative Aging" mentorship, where for 2 months she taught senior citizens improv at the Riverdale Y in the Bronx. Her most recent show is called Heck No Techno, a musical sketch comedy show that takes a deep dive into issues relating to modernity and capitalism.


Ashley Finley

Ashley creates visions through her piercing words, both uniting and healing. Her talent awakens not only power and fire, but the comfort and medicinal magic only found through truth. Ashley Finley is a performance poet who grew up in the diverse neighborhoods of Southern California. At a young age, she began to use poetry as a way to process her experiences as an adopted, African-American girl, growing up in the melting pot of Los Angeles. As an adult, Ashley strives to empower those in under-served and underrepresented communities. Ashley uses her platform on stage, and in her workshops to remind these communities that their stories and their voices are powerful and that through unity and passion, they can create change


Haven of Hues

The Haven of Hues is an all inclusive haven for Salt Lake City's beautiful variety of LGBTQIA+/ally artists of all talents and walks of life. A celebration of gender, expression, sexuality, fashion, music and love with Moab Pride! eXis10shAL spins an unpredictable mix of pop, funk, soul, hip hop, indie rock, house, EDM, queer anthems, and a few carefully selected underground sounds.


Wanting to Die Poetry Club

The Wanting to Die Poetry Club aims to celebrate the inherent beauty of literature and the work of writers in our community.



Ascher (they/them) is a qt, sw rights activist, and sex educator and activist.  Among other projects, Asch runs a theme camp at burning man that offers consent and sexual assault prevention workshops, both at the burn and year-round.  Asch also consults on LGBTQI youth and communities research.


Jordan Simmons

Jordan Simmons, a transplant from New Jersey, is a genderqueer person of color that has used dance and music to express them self for years. Finally taking the plunge to take a little more focus into the music scene they started taking up DJing. With infusing the heat of the east coast music they grew up on, like club, house, oldies and jazz with a mix of more cultural background beats, they are a work in progress and forever developing and are excited to share their love of art with you.


The Forbidden Fruits

The Forbidden Fruits are a queer, trans, and sapphic performance art collective based in Salt Lake City that hosts weird all ages variety shows.


Formed after the 100th anniversary of the massacre in Ludlow, CO, "one of the most bitter and violent struggles between workers and corporate capital in the history of the country." We make music about the issues that we think are important. Folk/Punk/DIY


Haley Noel

Cali Bulmash

Cali Bulmash has performed queer-radical-roustabout-magic music and spoken word all over the country, including in the NYC Fringe Festival.

Perhaps their best-loved performance was after they were arrested for planting native seeds in a tar sands mine, and Cali and others were sitting about handcuffed in some police department's trailer, where pamphlets warned about the danger of the Black Lives Matter movement and humorless,intimidating cops stood over them, and Cali took a deep breath and belted out:

"I AM A Consensual/ Pansexual/ I'll sex you up

Armed with a ukulele, foot tambourine, moose puppet, and a whole slew of words, Cali jiggles loose the joints of capitalist heteropatriarchy and out pops joy and a moment to practice liberation.


Early Successional

Tamarra Evans-Sluga, Sabra Schlyter, and Hillary McDaniel make up the folk music trio Early Successional. They all have their own unique take on folk music, that when put together becomes a distinctive blend of strings, keys, harmonies, and catchy beats. They stay true to folk form with story-telling lyrics with a rustic edge.  They embrace they’re queerness and never shy away from expressing their true selves on stage and in song.


Ava Lux

Ava Lux has been making music all her life and has always been drawn to rhythm and emotion. With more than a decade of experience in electronic production and numerous tours with her now defunct ambient/down tempo project Stag Hare, she has recently been focusing on deep house and techno both in producing and in her DJ sets. Ava Lux has been back to DJ Moth Closet multiple times and aims to inspire, empower, and liberate through the universal power of dance. Along with her music, Ava Luxis a multimedia artist and recently exhibited a solo installation at the UMOCA which opened to critical acclaim. As a queer transwoman Ava Lux aims to transmit visibility and power by sharing her own story and energy with the world through the magic of the dance floor


Talia Keys & The Femme

Talia Keys is a genre crossing multi-instrumental "musical powerhouse" bringing you her brand of Soul-Funk-Rock n' Roll, with unique vocal stylings and a storytelling flow. Advocating for human rights Talia uses her music to convey a message of growth, awareness and love. Promoting compassion and respect for our Earth and one another. "Music is very healing.  If I can inspire just one person a show, I feel I am doing something right!" - Talia


Molly McClish

Molly McClish runs Lily's Hope, a company whose mission is, "To decrease the high rate of adolescent suicide, bullying, and meanness through creating safe and healthy school environments for all youth, including those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and their allies. All donations are used for continued advocacy, sharing resources and promoting kindness."


Shea Freedom

Shea Freedom was raised from age 7 to 17 in the Foster Care System in Orange County, CA. During which time he was moved 28 times. Having endured so much Shea Freedom now gives back by teaching Current Foster Youth to sail, advocating for homeless youth and trans rights

In song or as a speaker, you can find Freedom advocating for foster youth, human rights and environmental issues.

Shea Freedom is a determined individual with an inspiring story and undeniable musical talent.


Brook Neilson

Artist, DJ and sound enthusiast, Brook Neilson, hails from Burley, Idaho and is currently based in Salt Lake City. When not being diminished in this hell world, Brook spends her time taking baths, sleeping on the floor and eating corn chips. Brook’s background is a melange of performance art, crafts, installation art, drag, church choirs, DJ frat house situations, musicals, libertarian private schools, homeschooling and living on the skirts of prestigious colleges such as BYU, UVU and The Art Institute of Chicago. Brook just wants to dance and she wants the music to be hot


Haley Noel has been kicking it in the Southwest for a year and half since she moved out to Moab from the east coast. A queer folk musician, Haley Noel released her first solo EP, Wanderings, in 2018. Taking influence from Folk, Blues and Bluegrass Haley Noel's performances pair banjo with heartfelt and poignant vocals. Banjo tunes ranging from wistful to upbeat provide the backdrop for lyrics highlighting adventures of love, joy, and sadness with themes of admiration for the land, whiskey, and dancing throughout. Besides playing music, Haley is on the organizing committee for Moab Pride and works at the Moab Valley Multicultural Center.